Hwy 78 Addresses To Change, 2 Public Info Meetings Slated

DOUGLASVILLE, GA – More than 600 letters went out recently to notify both businesses and residents along Highway 78 in Douglas County that their addresses will be changed and the highway will be named Veterans Memorial Highway along the entire stretch. Two informational meetings are planned to address concerns and answer questions for residents and business owners.

"This project is in response to public safety concerns involving emergency services being dispatched to locations along Highway 78 and alleviate any confusion due to some factors such as duplicate numbers in multiple jurisdictions," said Ed Dean, Geographic Information Systems manager for Douglas County during a press conference held Wednesday.

Dean is responsible for leading the effort to readdress commercial businesses and residential properties in Douglas County.

Through the years, Highway 78 has been known by many names, including Highway 78, Bankhead Highway, Veterans Memorial Highway, East Broad Street, West Broad Street or, through downtown, simply Broad Street.

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Highway 78 runs through Douglas County, City of Douglasville, City of Villa Rica and City of Austell and there has been confusion in the past because of multiple road names, duplicate numbers and duplicated address ranges.

The two public information meetings will be held Tuesday, May 8, and Wednesday, May 16, both at 6 p.m. The meetings will be held in Citizen’s Hall, Douglas County Courthouse, located at 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville.

"I’m pleased to see the progress we’ve made for a project that our county initially discussed some 20 years ago," Douglas County Board of Commission Chair Dr. Romona Jackson Jones said. "Public safety and the efforts of our first responders to get to the correct address of an emergency are of the utmost importance, and I’m pleased with the cooperation we have received to make this happen."

"This is a significant undertaking of a project because of the number of changes that need to occur, the number of people it impacts and the multiple municipal jurisdictions involved," said Rick Martin, director of Communications & Community Relations for Douglas County. "We are trying to make sure citizens, and business owners affected by the change are made aware of the project, and if they have any questions, we do our best to answer them."

For more information, you can contact Rick Martin, Director of Communications and Community Relations for Douglas County at 770-920-7303 or email at rickmartin@co.douglas.ga.us.

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